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Learning Pedagogy

Learning Pedagogy

HIMT with its unique teaching Pedagogy is able to transform its students into an intellectual professional.

  • Considering the fact that ironic theoretical aspect of any curriculum does not change but the applications of the same do.
  • A conventional twist in delivering pattern can lead toward successful implication of learning environment.
  • HIMT believes in delivering active learning experience through an interactive learning process based on a principle of " Blended Learning"
  • Blended learning focus on – use of best possible method of delivering, keeping in mind the complexity of topic and students competency to learn.
  • This Blended learning helps in understanding and learning of regular curriculum in an innovative & effective manner.

Traditional approach of teaching that is interaction between the Teacher and Students has been in practice form ancient times. It was adopted by most of the teachers, where the learner used get the knowledge through the lecture delivered by the teacher. Classrooms Methodologies serves best when they are supplemented by the student participation through interaction with the Teacher. This type of interaction in the class helps the learners to identify their own learning methods and grasp the maximum knowledge.

Multi-disciplinary programs and projects, student centered Pedagogy.
  • In this an approach the imparting of Knowledge is done by focusing on the interests of the students. Student-centered learning is focused on each student's interests, abilities, and learning styles, placing the teacher as a facilitator of learning
Use of Multimedia (power point presentation, audio, visuals)
  • By incorporating multimedia in their instruction, teachers can capture attention, engage learners, explain difficult concepts, and inspire creativity. Moreover the retentation of the information given in the class also increases.
Case Studies, Games, Simulations, Group Activities, Role Play.
  • Different industry based cases studies, simulation, management games are been in cultivated in classroom Pedagogy to make the academic pressure much simple and easy yet analytical.
Scenario Analysis, Group Discussions, Quiz, one on one discussion
  • These techniques are used for analyzing possible future events by considering alternative possible outcomes. By putting different minds al together to solve a problem a best possible solution is reached as it has been in an English proverb rightly being said "Two Heads Are Better than one". These methods present consciously several alternative future course of action.
Z to A Approach
  • We at HIMT focus on Z to A approach which enables students to understand the application part of the ironical concepts first followed by its theoretical component.
  • This helps in making complex concepts easier to understand and moreover students get a clear cut idea in relation to
  • When to apply the concept?
  • Where to apply?
  • How to apply?

Z to A Approach includes (Guest Lectures, Role play's, Industrial Visits, Management Games, Simulations, etc.)

Beyond Classroom

A part from the classroom teaching Pedagogy students today indeed requires exposure to enhance their employability as per the demand of industry. This necessitates adoption of beyond classroom teaching methodologies, carving problem-based learning approach among them. Since knowledge is no longer concise within the scope of classroom, various methodologies are been practiced to, meet the expectation of industries and shorter down the distance between conceptual and practical knowledge.

Industry Visits

Industrial Visits help students gain first hand information regarding functioning of the Industry Which presents the students with opportunities to plan, organize and engage in active learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.