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Student Speaks

Student Speaks

Prof (Dr.) Neeraj Kumar Sharma

Shailesh Trivedi - PGDM Batch

Sony India : Senior Manager ,Marketing

" HIMT College provided me a perfect platform which gave an amazing kick in the starting to my career by getting a wonderful opportunity to work with Sony India .With pride I can say the platform which HIMT has provided is one of the best that can be ever provided by an institute . I had the opportunity to meet great minds in Corporate world which has helped me in improving my interpersonal and professional skills".

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma - PGDM Batch

Genpact India : Associate Operations Manager.

For the place where I believed in myself…its an honour for me to be a part of HIMT Group of Institutions as this is the place where I have grown as a person, where I have learnt a lot more than what's written in the books, where I have found my strengths and worked on my weaknesses.Thanks to the wonderful teachers! .If I am always in a learning mode, the credit should go to HIMT Group".

Hemant Gupta - PGDM

Bank of America : Financial Analyst

The word College at first reminds of friends, tricks, jokes, studies and exams. The next thought is of those teachers who taught us to be what we are today. I was fortunate to have a faculty at HIMT Group of Institutions that always guided me and motivated me to perform at my level best. Memories of College Life are permanent in my heart and will always have a significant impact on my life.College is a foundation to self sustaining and financially independent life. I feel HIMT has been the critical link for being what I am today.

Sonvir - PGDM

HDFC Bank –Finance Executive

My journey in HIMT is hallmarked with activity based learning and corporate exposure. We were welcomed with the Management Orientation Program (MOP) which paved a common platform for students from all walks of life. During the first semester we were exposed to various Industry Practitioners to provide us with views on the practical nature of the industry along with concept based learning in classrooms. This was followed by the Business Orientation Program (BOP) with leaders like Ms. Deena Mehta, MD, Asit C Mehta Stock Broking and Mr. P R Ramesh, Chairman Deloitte Consulting, addressing us on career opportunities and giving us valuable insights on different sectors. These orientation programs enhance the student's knowledge, help in appreciating the joy of discovery and make learning enjoyable.

Ram Prakash : PGDM

BMR Advisors: Manager Operations

The foremost thing I noticed as soon as I started to settle in my new room, new campus and a new way of life was the diversity of students from varied regions, religions, dialect, experiences and values. The very nuances of everyday campus life forms a part of the learning process at HIMT. Be it our knowledge sharing academic sessions, group projects, working in communities for managing industry visits, placements, theatre, sports, campus festival celebrations, adventure trips and so on; we are completely hands on in every facet of 'Management Education' and without even realizing are shifted gears from 'knowing' mode to 'doing' mode. Each one of us is like a hub of a wheel building relationships and friendships that provide us with the necessary strength to achieve our common goals.

Himanshu Pal

Himanshu Pal - MBA

Hewitt Associates : Asst. Manager,HR

HIMT Group which is my second home is a wonderful place to learn, to identify the potential within ourselves, to achieve. The teacher's enthusiasm brings magnanimous vibrancy in the college life. My respective teachers are working so hard on me and helped me in identifying my potential. IT also helps us to deal with human aspects, makes us a better person in life with great personality, taught us to face competition and excel .I am glad that I am a part of HIMT Group.. The abode of learning and knowledge my college excels not only in academics but also in extra-curricular activities as well. Providing a healthy, responsible and promising environment the teachers here ensure that each student develops not only into responsible citizens of the future india but also into the masters of their respective spheres.:

Sultan Pandit

Sultan Pandit - MBA

Coca-Cola : Asst. Marketing Manager

Joining HIMT Group was an impulsive decision taken by me just seeing the brand HIMT Group and it has proven to be a good one. It's truly a bliss to be part of such a prestigious institution.The management keeps no stones unturned to take care of us. With a sound ambience, all of us find ample scope to flourish. A lot can happen in million years but what a difference a day makes!!", in the same manner,my college has carved me to believe and become one of the best people in this world..

Anurag Kumar - MBA Batch

Hindustan Times : Asst. Marketing Manager

Studying at HIMT College gives me immense pleasure and honor to be a part of this Institution. It always pushed me to attain heights beyond my capabilities which in turn help me to achieve an overall growth. I was the first one from my batch to get the campus placement and I‟m thoroughly enjoying it. I express my respect and gratitude to all my teachers and love and affection to my inspiring colleagues of HIMT.

Amit Bhagat

Head- Engineering & Enterprise: IT Architecture Home Shop-18

The training I received from HIMT was not only professional and complete, It was also technically superior. The faculty were excellent and as eager as ever to train us thoroughly in all the aspects. All in one, it was great experience and one that i would be ready to undergo any time again

Amit Raj Singh

Lead consultant Genpact: Headstrong

HIMT MCA Programme provided me sharp insights into effective business application. Moreover HIMT left the reminiscences of a wonderful team (Chairman, Director, Faculty, Students and staff) who provided a practical orientation towards application in real life.

Pramendra Verma

Sr. Analyst Accenture Service Pvt. Ltd.

HIMT is a classic illustration where contemporary management philosophy is preached and practiced along with the Indian traditional values- a must for future leaders. Zenith of Success can be achieved only with a strong foundation. HIMT gave me that foundation of professional career to achieve the zenith of success.

Jagdeep Sharma

Software Developer: Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Delhi

When I walk down memory lane and recollect my experiences in HIMT, I truly believe that it made my college life which is the best phase of one's life, even more memorable. HIMT helped me convert my youthful exuberance into professionalism. I thoroughly attribute my success to the faculty and management of the college. I would like to express my gratitude towards my faculty members who polished my technical knowledge as well as shaped my character .At the end I would just conclude by saying that HIMT taught me that the world is ours for the asking.


QA Tester Birlasoft Noida

I would like to take this opportunity to say special thanks to all the members of HIMT. HIMT is the only place where Education is not a Business. The most important thing I learnt in HIMT is that never lose self-confidence. The opportunities provided here really helped me to discover my capabilities. The soft skills learnt here have helped me a lot. People from diverse backgrounds have contributed to my acceptability of different cultures. The faculty had very sound industry experience. This helped us in gaining real time insight about the business world. They were outstanding and more like mentors than teachers. The whole purpose of HIMT education is to turn mirrors into windows.