Best Academic Structure of HIMT Group Of Institutions

Best Academic Structure

To Provide Quality Education
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Journey of your academic career will be uniquely yours - and it all starts with what inspires you. In keeping with the commitment for providing quality education of the highest standards as per industry requirement, HIMT always ensures that the curriculum is comprehensive in breadth and depth and the latest pedagogical practices are adopted to optimise the teaching efforts and learning strategies.

The academic structure and schedules of all the courses offered under different colleges of HIMT Group of Institutions are finalised by the university authorities and the college follow the same structure and schedule. Internal Examinations (Sessional /Mid Terms /Internal Practicals) are conducted by the colleges as per university guidelines. Final examination will be conducted by the affiliating University and results are also be declared by the university only.
Performance Monitoring & Guidance:

  1. Student’s Feedback: In case students find it difficult to cope up or understand any particular subject then they are advised to discuss it with the Subject Teacher / Department Head / Principal or Director. Students can provide their valuable feedback about teaching methodology of the teachers/professors.
  2. Every student is assigned a student mentor (Faculty Member). Students can directly discuss their college related issues/problems related to studies with them. The mentors will be available in their office/faculty cabin during the working hours as per their availability.
  3. Two students from each class are selected as the class representative from each department in all years. The selections are made by respective department head. Responsibilities of class representatives includes communicating the class / departmental / college information to the students. Collecting the feedback of students and communicating the same to Department Head / Principal /Director. Coordinating academic events and co-curricular activities.
  4. Regular Performance monitoring done by mentors and coordinators (Faculties) about the less marks in Internal Exams, Continuous absence, not understanding any subject.

Special Classes:

Special classes are conducted for the students who are weak and those are not performing well in internal examination / regular class tests. Students can discuss with their mentors/department head/principals for special classes
Correspondence with parents:
Parents will be informed about the performance of their ward from time to time in the semester. However parents are also requested to be in contact with student mentor / department head on a regular basis.

Academic Advisory

Name Designation Organization
Dr. T. Duhan Director General HIMT Group of Institutions
Dr. Tribhuvan Kumar Agrawal Principal Harlal School of Law
Prof (Dr) Sudhir Rajguru Director HIMT - Management Studies
Dr. Anuj Mittal Director HIMT College of Pharmacy
Dr. Manorama Principal Education
Mr Narendra Upadhyay HOD HIMT- IT
Maneesh Jaiswal HOD (Pharmaceutics) HIMT College of Pharmacy

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Teaching pedagogy

Learning Pedagogy in educational institute is a concept of teaching students, whether it is theory or practice of educating.
Pedagogy Approaches we generally follows are:

Constructive: The Students are allowed to be active in the process of understanding and gaining knowledge.

Collaborative: The students from groups of learners that learn together and work to solve a problem, build strategies, ideas, create products or complete a task.

Integrative: The students are given a learning environment that helps them in connecting with their learning across the syllabus.

Reflective: The students are expected to observe the activities of the teachers and other students in the classroom and analyse why they do it and how it works.

Inquiry based Learning: The educators are expected to not just answer the queries of the students , but also built a culture where their ideas are explored, challenged, improved and refined.

Events & Guest Lectures


3rd September 2019 - Digital Marketing Workshop


23rd February 2019- Seminar on Sales force Event


(SEBI Workshop)


(Stockmind workshop)


8 Days workshop on soft skills


5th March 2019- Workshop on Digital Marketing

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Priyanka Chauhan

MBA 2nd Year

Neha Karn

MBA 1st Year

Kavita Singh

MCA 2nd Year

Mohini Sharma

MCA 1st Year

MCA 1st Year

M Pharm 2nd Year


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